K.S Brenowitz
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A Harvester travels a desert to repair an abandoned facility...but why would they spend so much effort to mend it? When your friend is made up of the 1s and 0s of the facility's megacomputer, you might want to boot something this large back up again.

Told through the Harvester's recollected memories contrasted with the current labour of repair, the question remains - how far would you go to defy entropy?


- 24 b/w pages, with screentoning and glitch work!

- Sci-fi setting in the past, present or future!

- Adorable A.I.

- The return of the Harvesters! (Or at least one...)

- Lutes!

  • Twenty-Four (24) page b/w comic in pdf format.

  • Size
    7.73 MB
  • Length
    22 pages
  • Twenty-Four (24) page b/w comic in pdf format.
  • Size7.73 MB
  • Length22 pages
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